Maintenance Treatments for Back Health

Maintenance Treatments for Back Health

Do You Still Need to Have Treatment?

An overview on maintenance treatments at Osteopathy West London

When we first meet a patient at Osteopathy West London, they usually arrive with a particular pain or recent injury.

An initial course of treatment is then agreed and we get to work on our treatment plan, which usually includes a course of osteopathic treatment, prescriptive exercises and a bit of self-care advice.

The treatment journey will be different for everyone depending on severity of symptoms, how long a patient has been suffering, how they respond to treatment and yes, whether or not they have been doing their exercises! 😀

But what happens next? And do you still need osteopathy once the initial injury has been treated?

The first step at this stage will often be to review in 4-6 weeks, giving us a chance to reassess and ensure that things are going in the right direction.

Following this initial review we will offer an ongoing maintenance program of having a session every 4-6 weeks which are often referred to as top-up treatments.

Ideal for that all important reassessment but also to give the body a little TLC to avoid a repeat of symptoms or the onset of anything new.

Why have regular treatments?

We are all up against certain stresses that take their toll on the body such as;

  • Sitting for too long (or not enough)
  • Traveling
  • Illness
  • Sports-related aches and strains
  • Emotional stress

Many of which are unavoidable and just part of being human! While these stresses do not necessarily cause symptoms, they are what we refer to as maintaining factors.

Our goal should therefore be to support the body as best we can with proper nutrition, daily stretching, proper hydration and regular body work such as osteopathy or massage..

Benefits of regular treatment

Regular osteopathy or sports massage can;

  • Detect areas of weakness that could become problematic in the future
  • Reduce postural aches and strains
  • Reduce muscular tension
  • Relive stiffening joints
  • Improve circulation
  • Improve digestion
  • Reduce mental stress
  • Promote wellbeing
  • Promote healthy sleep

How often should you have regular treatments

Here at Osteopathy West London we offer both deep tissue massage and extended osteopathy sessions ideal for regular maintenance sessions.

We advocate either regular osteopathy or sports massage at 4-6 week intervals but again this varies for everyone.

So, do you need to have ongoing treatment?

Well in short the answer is no. The same way you do not need to eat healthily, look after your mental wellbeing or take regular exercise. But, they are all a VERY good idea.

Feel free to contact the clinic on 0208 088 0614 to discuss a service/frequency right for you or to make a booking just click below to book in for a treatment...