Looking for a nutritionist specialising in the Menopause?

Fast and affordable online consultations, to help you start feeling better right away! Ideal for ladies in perimenopause, menopause & beyond, this service will help you understand your symptoms, make key changes and take back control, the natural way!

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Does this sound like you?


- Difficulty sleeping
- Low energy
- Low mood and anxiety
- Hot flashes or night sweats
- Stubborn weight gain
-Low libido or loss of interest altogether

If so, we can help!

Book in for a menopause consultation today and start feeling like YOU again!

Fees & Services

All services include online consultation, symptom analysis and personalised aftercare including meal planning, supplement prescription & bespoke nutritional guidance.


Initial Consultation

A fully online 60-minute consultation to be taken in the comfort of your own home. You will be sent a health questionnaire before the session, so that we can use the session to explore symptoms, set goals and start to make changes right away.



A fully online 45-minute consultation to be taken in the comfort of your own home. Together we will review symptoms, discuss progress and make ongoing action steps to keep you moving through your symptoms.


12-Week Reset

A 12-week health transformation. Again this program is offered online and is just you and me working through your symptoms together. This includes the initial consultation and weekly follow-up appointments. Includes unlimited email support.


Is it the menopause?

With a flurry of weird and wonderful symptoms popping up, it can be hard to determine whether its 'just the menopause' or something else?!

Whether it is or whether it isn't, your symptoms are a way of your body communicating with you! And chances are there is something you can do about them! Think of symptoms as a way of your body asking you to take action....

A few key changes at this crucial stage can save years of suffering with common complaints such as bowel or bladder incontinence, painful joints, sleep disorder, increased risk of fracture, low libido and reduced energy.

Come and have a comprehensive women's health consultation so that you can breeze through the menopause and come out the other side a happier and healthier version of you!

Though hormone replacement therapy may have its place, it will do very little for you if you don't have all the necessary facets of a healthy diet and lifestyle in place!

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How Can I Help You?


Hannah E. Whitcombe M.Ost DO
Registered Osteopath & Certified Nutritionist.

Based in Ealing, West London, I'm both a registered osteopath and certified nutritionist.

I run a practice in Ealing and have spent a fair amount of the last ten years working with women experiencing health issues that in some way shape or form can be traced back to common hormonal fluctuations.

This realisation led me to take additional training in women's health to help support both peri and postmenopausal women in their quest for health and wellbeing. Helping women make the necessary diet and lifestyle changes to avoid long-lasting symptoms.

I offer a bespoke service using my background in both nutritional therapy and osteopathy to offer the exact steps needed for ladies to thrive during this stage of their lives.

I now offer this service online so that I can help more ladies like you and am not limited by location!

You can book an online appointment by clicking the button below or if you have any questions about whether this service is suitable for you, just drop me a message.

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